The Week in Social #340

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On influencers and data privacy

In this week’s important things: How Are Marketers Adapting to Data Privacy Laws? from Ross Benes for eMarketer.

What should marketers try to do?

“Be aware of how you’re collecting data, how you’re storing it and where it’s located. Just the conversation around security and privacy has been so top-of-mind with recent data breaches. It’s not a ‘nice to have’—it’s a best practice, and it should be moving into 2019.”

Also from eMarketer, Blake Droesch looks at Influencers and Instagram Stories: A Perfect Marriage?

And in an interesting move in influencer marketing, Bia Bezamat shares how Diesel celebrates followers, and not influencers, with latest campaign (which still includes actually influencers who presumably were paid to participate in the campaign) for The Current Daily.

Platform updates

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This week:

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