The Week in Social #339

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All about influencer marketing

Here’s something that doesn’t get discussed quite as much when it comes to influencer marketing: Data Compliance Brings Added Cost to Influencer Marketing from Blake Droesch for eMarketer.

“While disclosure continues to dominate the conversation around influencer marketing, data compliance laws are adding another layer of confusion—and cost—for those operating in this evolving market.”

influencer marketing and data compliance

If it’s stats you’re keeping up with, then here are 7 Important Influencer Marketing Stats You Need to Know from Nathan Mendenhall for Social Media Today.

Here’s a very good read on a very good question: Is It Time to Regulate Social Media Influencers? from Simon Owens for Intelligencer.

“But as the influencer market grows, fraud is becoming more rampant, and it’s increasingly difficult to discern when influencers are engaging in above-board, ethical publishing, and when they’re taking questionable shortcuts that dupe both the brands that pay them and the social media followers they’re meant to influence.”

And finally, here’s something else important to consider: As Influencer Marketing Becomes More Prominent, Fakers are Likely to Come Under Pressure from Andrew Hutchinson for SMT.

On everything else

On the ever-elusive dark social, here’s How Brands Can Get Dark Social Right  from Andre Van Loon for We Are Social’s blog.

To get started, here’s what it’s not:

“In other words, Dark Social isn’t dark posting (a paid media strategy), nor should it be a catch-all term for private messaging activity – two common misconceptions.”

Platform updates

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This week:

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