Social Media and PR: A Digital Love Story recap

Miss our Valentine’s Day webinar Social Media and PR: A Digital Love Story? No worries, we’re here to share some highlights (and we’ll link the recording here when it’s ready).

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Why PR + social?

We discussed this more in-depth in the webinar, but the short version is that comms roles are more interconnected than ever and it’s no longer possible to survive as a brand without a social strategy. (Not having a social presence is arguably one kind of strategy.) Social is just one component of an overall PR strategy; the two should be connected and larger teams should work together to communicate their efforts if there are dedicated roles for PR and social.

For smaller teams, social may even act as a main conduit for PR.

And for brands of any size, social absolutely needs to be a component of any crisis comms strategy. A “crisis” might look different today than it once did (now that live-tweeting shows on a second screen is a thing, Crockpot has a whole situation it had to deal with that wouldn’t have unfolded the same way even ten years ago) but a comprehensive plan for response is still necessary.

Interested in more crisis comms resources? Here’s a definitive guide to start with.

The biggest challenges comms pros face

We took a poll during the webinar and found that these are the biggest obstacles comms pros tend to face with PR and social:

  • Standing out from all of the noise
  • Generating trust in a world of fake news and bots
  • Measuring success when social is a constantly moving target
  • Finding and reaching third party “experts”
  • Proving value to higher-ups
  • Making sure you don’t miss the early signs of a potential crisis
  • Authenticity of influencers

The pace of media isn’t going to slow anytime soon and the need for comprehensive comms strategies isn’t either, so we did our best to address these challenges with advice.

Our best tips

Unfortunately there is no magical solution for every brand to use in their social and PR strategies, but we do have some advice that every brand can shape to their own goals and resources:

  • Experiment in a smart way: Conduct experiments with your social strategy in a way that’s as controlled as possible (you’ll never be able to isolate every variable but you can try to test for one thing at a time to figure out the best timing for your audience separate from media type, etc) to see what’s working and what’s not in your brand messaging
  • Build integrated, transparent teams: If your team has a PR pro and a Social Media Manager, be sure you’re working together to maximize all aspects of your comms strategy, from boosting earned media across your owned social channels to making sure you’re measuring attribution across the board

Want more?

If you’re interested in comprehensive social listening and/or PR analytics that can do both, let us know.

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash