The Week in Social #335

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On Instagram and influencer marketing

You know how our Social Media Manager is always going on about leaving room in your strategy for experimentation? Well here are 5 Instagram Experiments Worth Trying in 2019 from Jose Angelo Gallegos for Social Media Today.

Add to that 4 Ways to Use Instagram Highlights in Your Social Media Marketing Efforts from Phoebe Bain, also for SMT.

As for influencer marketing (so hot right now) it’s not all sunshine and roses: Here are 10 Problems Plaguing Influencer Marketing from Rand Fishkin for the SparkToro blog.

On everything else

First up: A good read from Aleh Barysevich for Convince & Convert on  The Psychology of Social Proof and Why It Makes Word-of-Mouth Marketing So Effective.

You probably want to keep an eye on US Social Trends for 2019, as presented by Debra Aho Williamson for eMarketer.

2019 trends

And here’s How Social Media Can Advance Brand Purpose from Honey Comer-Cantrell for Likeable Media’s blog.

Platform updates

Every week we keep an eye on the latest platform updates and share the ones we think are the most relevant here.

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