The Week in Social #334

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On social media and privacy

It’s a big concern as we move into a new year, and Andrew Hutchinson asks: Will Attitudes Towards Digital Privacy Change in 2019? in an opinion piece for Social Media Today.

This about sums it up:

“Social media is now a key part of our interactive process, it’s what we do, how we connect. And without broader context as to why data misuse is such a major concern, or how platforms likely can’t be held responsible to protect us from such (given it’s the basis on which their business is formed), it’s hard to see this changing.”

On influencers

What’s new with influencers in this new year?  If you’re asking How Brands Can Build Strong Relationships With Influencers? (Updated December 2018), there’s your handy guide from Shane Barker on his blog.

Pair that with 5 Key Factors to Have in Place Before Reaching Out to Influencers from Kristen Matthews for SMT.

Platform updates

Every week we keep an eye on the latest platform updates and share the ones we think are the most relevant here.

It has been a quiet this week but we’re sure that will change as everyone trickles back into the office from the holidays:

Thanks, as always, for reading and we’ll see you back here next week!

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation