Your 2019 crisis strategy: All the resources you need

When’s the last time you looked at your brand’s crisis comms strategy? Was it more than a year ago? Did you inherit it from someone else that used to be on your team? Do you not have one at all?

Any of these are good reasons to review and update your crisis strategy for the new year. If your team has recently gone over your crisis strategy and updated everything, it’s still a good idea to bookmark any resources that might be helpful references for new or future team members.

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Recommended reading

If you want to brush up on the latest on crisis comms strategy and more, we recommend the following reads:

Recommended resources

Ready to put those reads into action? Here are some helpful tools to use before, during and after a crisis comms situation:

And as always, the best resource you can have in place to avoid a crisis comms situation is comprehensive social media monitoring. If a crisis pops up anyway, that same comprehensive monitoring will allow you to see what happened when and where and give you the tools to respond appropriately.

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Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash