The Week in Social #332

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On planning for 2019 by reviewing 2018

Social Media Today has a series out on their survey results for social media spend in 2018; this data can help you look over your own spend, performance and more to plan for 2019. Catch each of them here (all by Andrew Hutchinson):

  1. SMT’s 2018 Social Media Spending Survey – Part 1: Key Channels of Focus
  2. SMT’s 2018 Social Media Spending Survey – Part 2: Where to Allocate Your Social Media Marketing Budget in 2019
  3. SMT’s 2018 Social Media Spending Survey – Part 3: Social Media Marketing Goals and Tracking 

Facebook hasn’t had their greatest year ever, but what has really changed for users and advertisers? eMarketer’s Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review report by Jasmine Enberg looks at What to Expect for Usage, Advertising and Privacy in 2019.

On planning for 2019 by looking at trends

There’s a “Time Well Spent” movement across social platforms (notice how everyone is telling you how much screen time you have now?) but Marketers say Time Well Spent movement isn’t influencing social media plans, according to reporting from Amy Gesenhues for Marketing Land.


Here are 3 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019 (even if you might want to) from Fer Wang for the Likeable Media blog.

As marketing integrates across the board, your team will also want to keep in mind 4 Trends Changing the Future of Digital PR in 2019 by Jenn Deering Davis (hey, we know her!) for PR Forward.

And if you’re more of a webinar person, check out Top PR Trends to Watch in 2019 or our very own Plan a killer 2019 Instagram strategy.

Platform updates

Every week we keep an eye on the latest platform updates and share the ones we think are the most relevant here.

This week:

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