Holiday Campaigns We Love

It’s a weird in-between-holidays time for a lot of us, so we thought we’d take a moment to look at our favorite holiday Campaigns We Love this year and what made them work (or not).

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Google’s Home Alone

Hitting the perfect mix of nostalgia and the promise of technology making your life easier, Google updates beloved 90s holiday movie for the Smart Home of Today:

This is also a smart move to win a little love when Google has seen a little negative press coverage from an accusation from consumer groups that their children’s apps are misleading to parents.

Apple inspires sharing

Apple goes in a different direction, hoping to tap into the heartfelt vein of the holidays with their ad encouraging viewers to “share their gifts” (that they presumably made on an Apple device).

While sweet and featuring a large, fuzzy dog, anyone not leaning into the holiday schmaltz won’t get much out of this ad.

Heartwarming banking

Speaking of holiday schmaltz, this ad  featuring an adorable hedgehog with trouble making friends really tugs on the heartstrings. It’s from. . .an Austrian banking group? Ad Age  sums it up:

“While it’s doesn’t seem to have much to do with banking, it’s a charming story, and the tagline ‘believe in yourself’ is one that everyone can appreciate at this time of year.”

No matter how cute an ad is, if it doesn’t have anything to do with your brand or products then you need to be sure that warm feelings toward your brand are enough of an ROI (and one that’s pretty difficult to measure, at that).

A final note

Happy holidays from all of us in the TrendKite family to you and yours!