Here’s how social media fits into pitching

Social media savvy can enhance a pitch— and it can even outright save one.

One way to do this? Make social part of your PR pitch, as highlighted in a recent TrendKite blog post:

“If you see from their social profile(s) that someone is passionate about a niche industry you’re pitching, you have a great case for your pitch: Their audience is almost definitely interested in your story and should help build their relationship with their audience as an authority on the subject.

While social success is never guaranteed, the ability of influencers to curate the right content and share it with their audiences is part of what makes them so popular and makes pitching them the right kinds of stories so crucial.

The high turnover of content on social also means you can get quick feedback on stories and how they resonated with certain audiences. Social audiences are never shy about sharing their opinions with influencers, brands, traditional journalists, or just about anyone.

Use this feedback to shape better pitches going forward.”

If you’re interested in more resources around pitching, check out the TrendKite blog.

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash