Say hello to Digital PR: #PRSAICON takeaways

On Tuesday the TrendKite team wrapped up the #PRSAICON 2018 conference in Austin, Texas. We thought we’d share some of our favorite highlights.

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Big ideas

Several themes came up over and over again, one of which was having purpose in your work, particularly a purpose guided by values.

That kind of foundation guiding the work you do makes it less likely you’ll fulfill the stereotype of a communications professional- especially one with PR in their title- as someone who is just full of. . .well, you know.

Related to this, ethics were a big focus, especially in the current cultural climate.

Values. Purpose. Ethics. A focus you can’t fake will make will the message you’re sending ring true with an increasingly disenchanted audience.

Strategic brand advice

How to execute on big ideas is always where the real struggle lies, but the conference had some good practical tips from speakers and panels.

For example, Smaller brands are always wondering how to compete with bigger brands who seem to have eternal resources, but:

Are you using every tool that you have? Sometimes that’s a fax machine; increasingly that’s an influencer.

If you don’t know where to look for influencers, start with you customers.

And make diversity a priority. A diverse team has more creative ideas and better perspective.

Last words

Finally, measurement is no longer optional, just in case you were still running on gut instinct.

If you need help with that, let us know.

And if you want more recaps from the conference, check out PRsay, PRSA’s blog. We recommend starting with this recap of Jonathan Mildenhall’s talk on Discovering Your Purpose.