The Week in Social #319

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On influencer marketing

If you still think influencer marketing only works when you hire the biggest celebrity you can think of, then we’d like to direct you to No Celebrities Required: How to Create Great Influencer Content from Cathy McPhillips for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog.

For a truly comprehensive piece on the state of influencer marketing, see The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Influencer Marketing from Gini Dietrich for Spin Sucks. The crux of it?

“A small number of interested and engaged people who are a great fit for your brand is generally far better for you than a huge account with a disparate fanbase.”

For a quick case study on how one brand- retail brand Revolve- is doing influencer marketing, see Influencer Marketing Takes a Vacation from Alizah Farooqi for L2. The biggest takeaway from their clever “fashion summer camp” for influencers/brand ambassadors would be to make its Instagram Stories shoppable. Exposure doesn’t matter as much as sales do, after all.

(Still want more on influencer marketing? Check out the latest playbook from TrendKite.)

On everything else

Stories were an instant hit for Instagram; IGTV hasn’t been so far. Josh Constine writes that For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady in TechCrunch: 

“Instagram will have to be in it for the long haul if it wants to win at long-form video. Entering the market 13 years after YouTube with a vertical format no one’s quite sure what to do with, IGTV must play the tortoise. If it can avoid getting scrapped or buried, and offer the right incentives and flexibility to creators, IGTV could deliver the spontaneous video viewing experience Instagram lacks. Otherwise, IGTV risks becoming the next Google Plus — a ghost town inside an otherwise thriving product ecosystem.”

And finally, how do you do content marketing well in an era when everyone is used to personalized content they can stream on demand? Check out Do it like Netflix: how to create content in the streaming era from Mars Dorian for {grow}.

Platform updates

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