The Week in Social #318

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On brand transparency

There’s a new report out on how transparent consumers expect brands to be on social, and you can check out two different takes on it:

Marketing Dive leads with 53% of consumers more likely to purchase from brands that are transparent on social media from Erica Sweeney, while Jennifer King breaks down the numbers for eMarketer in Consumers Expect Brands to Be Open and Honest on Social Media:

brand transparency

On all things Instagram

Not sure about Instagram Stories still? L2 Digital has a great piece on Weaving an Instagram Stories Strategy from Isabel Gross:

“Ultimately, the content is less important than the role Stories play as a constant reminder of the brand’s presence.”

(That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to produce good content for your Stories. Just that you don’t have to obsess over it; a more regular cadence of posting is better than fewer posts with perfect content.)

And if you need a comprehensive guide to using hashtags on Instagram, Andrew Macarthy  has a good one.

Platform updates

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This week:

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