Top 3 content marketing takeaways from Conex

The Uberflip team put on a great conference in Toronto this week and our very own Sarah Parker was there, so we thought we’d have her share her top 3 content marketing takeaways with you.

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A new content marketing manifesto?

You can’t always outspend the competition, especially if you’re the scrappy little guy with an equally little budget. What you can do is be more useful to your target audience by providing the resources and teaching them what they need to know to excel. Solve their pain points. Be responsive.

Everything the best teacher you ever had did for you? Do it for your audience.

Don’t be creepy

It’s still the golden rule of marketing, especially as we get deeper into AI and data privacy concerns become more prevalent.

Companies have to walk the fine line of providing a personalized experience with freaking out their customers, fans and followers.

Ethics and integrity matter

They’re not renewable resources. Once that trust with your customers and the rest of your audience is gone, it’s incredibly hard to win back.

I guess we could say: Don’t be creepy and don’t be shady.

Want more?

Check out the #Conex hashtag on Twitter for more takeaways or check out their new Content Experience Report. It’s a solid 85 pages.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash