Target’s secret app for customer feedback

The best way to find out how your customers feel about something? Ask them.

Target has made this a slightly more exciting and exclusive process by using a secret app to do it. From The Current Daily:

“Studio Connect, as the app is called, was first developed back in 2016, but is only accessible through a direct invitation by Target. It never has more than 600 members. Participants are selected by Target through evaluating online survey answers and check out feedback forms, after which they are then categorized into relevant marketing segments (such as if they having children in the household or not). This information is then also used to help the retailer analyze consumer patterns and understand more about its customers’ behavior.”

The Instagram-like app is able to take customer feedback and quickly turn it back around into design and product ideas; parents of disabled children gave feedback that resulted in  the launch of an entirely new clothing line, for example.

Image via The Current Daily

Keeping the app “secret” and small ensures Target won’t get overwhelmed with responses and they can be deliberate in inviting a variety of different voices to hear feedback from.

Other brands should take note of this brilliant feedback strategy.

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