How social fits into Digital PR

We’ve already talked about Digital PR and how it’s everything most communications professionals are responsible for in their jobs, but how exactly does social fit into the Digital PR landscape?

We break it down.

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What’s Digital PR?

If you haven’t been part of our Digital PR conversation so far, we’re happy to catch you up!

As we wrote recently, it’s no secret that all aspects of communications have collided in the past few years; Digital PR is simply the intersection of all of the expectations of a modern marketing communications job. It encompasses everything from traditional public relations practices to content marketing, search, and even social media and influencer marketing. (You’re probably familiar with the PESO model.)

It’s everything that you’re already doing as a marketing communications professional, especially when it comes to social media. There’s a conversation that’s already happening around your brand and your industry that you cannot control, but that you can participate in.

What’s social’s part in Digital PR?

No matter your brand or industry, someone is talking about you on social media. And while you can’t control that message, you can definitely contribute to it and you should at least be keeping tabs on it to see how it evolves and changes over time (this can also help you find the right time to join it).

Social platforms are the places that messages around brands spread the fastest. Sometimes those are the messages the brands wrote themselves (owned), sometimes they’re the messages someone else wrote about the brand (earned). Sometimes it’s a mix of both, or a paid piece of content, or something that intersects in all of these places.

Why does it matter?

The point is that social is an inextricable part of PR; no brand can ignore its role in how content is spread. 

As Tiffaney Fox Quintana said in TrendKite’s Rebuild Consumers’ Trust: The Rise of Digital PR webinar:

“Everything social is PR these days.”

Those of you who have been reading this blog over the years know the power and purpose of social media. Digital PR just brings it more explicitly into the overall communications strategy for any given brand.

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