In praise of maintenance: The social media manager take

Our Social Media Manager, Sarah A. Parker, likes to opine on all things social media from time to time, so we’ve given her space to do just that here on our blog. She’ll cover everything from the new and unusual to the outdated and annoying. Got something she missed our something you’d like her to cover? Find her on Twitter @SparkerWorks

First, a little housekeeping note (which is arguably very on-topic): While I’m now officially the Content Marketing Manager at TrendKite, I’m still handling all of the social branding for Union Metrics, so the intro for this series still holds.

And if you’ve read more than one of my “columns”, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that Freakonomics is one of my favorite podcasts. I recently re-listened to one of my favorite episodes- In praise of maintenance- and immediately started thinking about how applicable it is to a social media manager’s job. There is a lot of unsung maintenance in running a successful social media presence.

Our culture is much more obsessed with lightening-in-a-bottle ideas and innovation. “Move fast and break things”, as the tech industry likes to say. Maintenance is boring. Maintenance is routine. But maintenance is necessary.

So maybe this is nothing more than an ode to every notification a social media manager checks and clears. Every unnecessary hashtag we cringe at. Every report we run.

It’s the viral tweets that get the most attention, but it’s the day in, day out posting that slowly builds and retains audiences over time.

We should take a moment to appreciate that and to celebrate it.

Consider this that moment.

Photo by Coby Shimabukuro on Unsplash