Lessons learned from Live office hours

Every other Thursday you can find Betsy (Customer Support) and Sarah (Content Marketing Manager) Live on Instagram and Facebook for office hours. They share tips, tricks, advice and take social media marketing questions from viewers.

If you haven’t seen an episode, check out this one.

We like to periodically check in on the lessons learned from our broadcasts- you can see past posts like this one here and here- and if you’ve got a question, comment or concern not covered here you can always find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

What’s working

Office hours is first and foremost a great resource we can point customers to; the videos are all archived on Facebook after going Live and they can be rewatched at any time. The titles and descriptions break down what was covered in each episode, and we repost them after their initial Live broadcast so any potential viewer who was busy still gets the chance to run across it in their News Feed.

While we’re no Facebook Live viral Chewbacca Mom, we do get some good feedback in the form of DMs across social platforms with viewers saying they enjoy office hours and like to see us having fun with the subject matter. Live broadcasting is perfect for showing off the fun side of your brand because it doesn’t have to meet the formal expectations of something like a webinar or a product tutorial.

If you’ve got a lot to talk about and some brand ambassadors who are comfortable on camera and not afraid to have a little fun, then you should definitely try out going Live on Instagram or Facebook. You don’t necessarily need a detailed script, but have a loose plan in place on what you’re going to cover.

The other great thing about office hours? It gives us a regular time to stop and think about what we’ve been working on and building as a brand, and it’s nice to take that moment of reflection and then break it down into something that’s hopefully more generally helpful for anyone watching.

What the analytics say

Anecdotally, our Facebook Page numbers get a lift every time we go Live. Digging in a little more, Video Posts have the highest reach and garner the most engagement than other post types for us:

Facebook Live

While it isn’t broken down by Live videos vs. pre-recorded, we can look at the Posts below and sort by highest reach. The top videos were all Live office hours, so it still makes sense for us to keep going Live every other Thursday afternoon!

But what about on Instagram? We go Live via Stories and while we don’t get that data (the Live data), we do get data around the Story posts we make promoting office hours ahead of time, like taps forward and taps back:

IG Stories data

While a lot of taps forward might seem discouraging, that’s just how a lot of people watch Stories when they’re going through a growing number of them each day: Tap, tap, tap- ooh did I miss something?- tap back. What’s more important is paying attention to taps back; that shows you someone (maybe someone who started tapping forward too quickly) was curious enough about what they saw in your Story to tap back and make sure they got the details.

The big takeaway? Live is definitely still a format these platforms want users to engage with, so it’s definitely worth testing for your brand if you have a good idea to apply to the format.

What’s next

If you love office hours, don’t worry— it’s not going anywhere!

Keep tuning in every other Thursday at 2pm PT/4pm CT and get your social media marketing questions answered in real time.

 You can find us on Facebook here and on Instagram here.