What Digital PR is and what it can do for your brand

You may have noticed we’re talking a lot about Digital PR lately and we wanted to dig a little more into the concept and what it can do for your brand.

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What Digital PR is

It’s no secret that all aspects of communications have collided in the past few years; Digital PR is simply the intersection of all of the expectations of a modern marketing communications job. It encompasses everything from traditional public relations practices to content marketing, search, and even social media and influencer marketing. (You’re probably familiar with the PESO model.)

It’s everything that you’re already doing as a marketing communications professional, especially when it comes to social media. There’s a conversation that’s already happening around your brand and your industry that you cannot control, but that you can participate in.

The Digital PR process

The marketing process always starts with market research and analysis; you need to understand your audience before you can speak to them in the right places. Then you’re joining that conversation that’s already in progress, measuring the impact of your participation.

What messaging is resonating? What parts of your strategy are working? How can you tweak your approach for better results?

Finally you integrate what you’ve learned throughout your strategy.

We’re betting that all sounds pretty familiar.

What Digital PR can do for your brand

So if we’re discussing a concept that’s not new, why can it do anything for your brand?

While marketing communications professionals will instantly grasp this concept, stakeholders might not. Explaining everything your job requires in this way can help higher-ups understand why you need bigger and better tools and support to execute on a bigger and better strategy to outperform your competitors.

This is especially important on social media, where everyone from influencers to current customers and your target audience are involved in that ongoing conversation around your brand and industry. You need to know what that conversation is to know how you can best join it, and how you need to tweak your strategy for each platform you have a presence on.

If that’s something we can help with, let us know.

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