How brands can use Instagram’s latest feature

There’s something new from Facebook-owned Instagram all the time, but it can be hard to see a business use-case for some of the new features immediately, like Instagram’s latest feature: Poll stickers in DMs.

That’s what we’re here for! And let us know if you’ve seen a creative use of this particular feature out in the wild.

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How the new feature works

Last week Instagram started rolling out their Poll sticker- as previously seen in Stories- in DMs.

ig poll dms

They’re a fun, interactive way to crowdsource an opinion on something you send to a group or individual in photo or video form. (You can rewrite the “Yes” and “No” to say something different and more focused to your specific recipient too!)

How your brand can use it

While Instagram definitely demonstrates this new feature via friends having fun with it, there are some good business use cases here:

  1. Get direct feedback from your most loyal fans, followers and customers— you can even have several different groups you send polls to for diversified results
  2. Send a quick, personalized product demo and get direct feedback on how it went
  3. Keep fans and followers engaged in a fun way when they contact your brand
  4. Use it as a follow-up to any kind of customer service or other question for your brand that comes through Instagram DMs
  5. Employee engagement: Get private feedback from specific employees or groups of employees
  6. The same concept also works for influencers or groups of influencers your brand might be working with

What else? If you’ve seen something really creative out in the Instagram wild, tell us about it!