How alerts can become your secret social weapon

Social media moves fast. We don’t have to tell you that; you live it every day. So how else can you stay on top of what’s going on without being overwhelmed by all the noise? You should try our new social alerts!

We recently rolled out new custom insights and alerts to help you quickly understand what’s most important in your listening and analytics. Our system automatically flags important moments in your Trackers, like if an account gains or loses more followers than is typical, or if a hashtag results in higher-than-normal impressions. And now you can also create customized insights! Set thresholds and alerts to know immediately when something happens in any of your Trackers.

So how could you use those alerts to improve your social impact and stand out from the noise? Here are a few ideas.

1. There are more than [X] Tweets about a trend in an hour

Want to stay on top of interesting trends in your industry? If you’ve got a topic Tracker set up for listening in your industry, you can receive alerts when conversation spikes above a certain threshold, indicating that something interesting might be going on. Never miss a chance to get in on a real-time trend.

2. Someone with more than [X] followers interacts with a competitor

While bigger followings don’t automatically mean someone is important, it’s still a directional indicator of potential influence. Get to know the influencers who Tweet to or about your competitors. You may collect some useful competitive intel, or find a new audience you can follow or target with advertising.

3. One of your posts receives more than [X] comments

Is one of your Instagram posts blowing up? If you’ve got an active Instagram presence, it can be hard to manage all the notifications you get about engagement with your account, so you develop a sort of notification blindness. Now you can set a threshold and get an alert from Union Metrics when your post hits a comment threshold. You’ll be able to pay closer attention to the posts that are getting better-than-average traction.

4. Someone with more than [X] followers Tweets about your brand

You should be interacting with most of the (real) people who interact with you, regardless of their follower count, but sometimes you want to know when someone potentially influential is talking about you; this may indicate something bigger is going on with your brand or product. You may be able to head off a potential crisis by staying on top of a situation and providing a quick, helpful response. A lack of response can result in someone with a large audience damaging your reputation.

What else can you do with alerts?

There are a hundred ways you can customize and use real-time social media alerts. What else can you do to be the first to get the perfect insight to help your brand succeed on social media?

We always love feedback from customers. Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Not a customer yet but interested in setting up your own social media alerts? Take a look at our plans to find one that’s right for your brand.