Instagram quick tip: Adding other users’ posts to your Story

There are two ways you can share posts to your Story: Either by sharing a post you like that you see in your feed, or by adding a Story post you’ve been tagged in.

For the former, you click on the “paper airplane” icon on a post you see in your feed and click “Add to Story”.

Add to Story 1
Add to Story 2

You can only add public posts, and even public accounts can turn off the ability for others to share their posts in their stories if they want.

If someone tags your account in their Story, you’ll get a DM with the Story post in it, along with the option to “Add This to Your Story”. It looks like this:

TK UM Story 1 TK UM Story 2

(Want to know more about the merger mentioned in this example Story? Read our blog post!)

Why brands should use this feature

It’s a great, quick way to share content from fans and followers, brand advocates and employee advocates.

That takes some of the pressure off of constantly creating new content for your brand’s Story, as well as encouraging those same groups of people to create more content related to your brand since it’s obvious that you not only see it but share it.

Make it part of a campaign or just a regular part of your customer interaction and appreciation!