Influencers, creativity, collaboration; all on Instagram

Fashion brand /Nyden doesn’t do things in a traditional way, designing collections for seasons that incorporate the latest trends.

Instead, they consider themselves a “platform with a soul”, working with different fashion influencers and their audiences via Instagram to create something new. Via The Current Daily:

“Influencers are asking their audiences to answer polls to better understand their preferences in a garment, such as closures (zipper or button), embellishments (fringe or sequin) or whether they prefer neutral or bold patterns. The result will be two dresses entirely crowdsourced by the digital audience.”

Image via The Current Daily

There’s no better way to encourage engagement with an audience than by letting them have a hand in a design they can eventually purchase and wear, sharing it with their own friends and networks. Involving stylish influencers to host the process and tap into their own audiences is a brilliant way of hitting even more of their target audience.

Instagram Stories are the perfect vehicle for this, with its interactive stickers and polls. The fashion audience is already highly active in the space, especially on their favorite influencers’ profiles. The ephemeral nature of Stories also echoes the exclusivity the brand is going for, “borrowing from streetwear’s success formula of generating hype through exclusivity, while putting creativity and community at the forefront”.

The shop-able features make it easy for fans to buy what they want and share it with their friends, too.

All smart moves for a new brand needing to stand out in a crowded space on a busy platform.

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