Everything you need to know about Union Metrics + TrendKite

We understand that you probably have some questions about our recent announcement that we- along with influencer marketing company Insightpool- are merging with PR analytics pros TrendKite.

We’ve rounded up the questions we thought would be the most frequently asked into this post, but please reach out if you have any other questions.

You can always email us, or tweet to us @UnionMetrics.

Union Metrics + TrendKite FAQs

  • What is changing? Nothing is changing about Union Metrics! You’ll continue to have access to your paid and free Union Metrics accounts as they are now (in fact, we’ve even got some great new features coming in the next couple weeks).
  • Does this affect my annual contract? How about my monthly one? Your current contracts are unaffected by this change. You’ll maintain the same access to Union Metrics as you had before, and nothing about your current pricing is changing. However, if you’d like to talk about what we can now offer to help with your influencer marketing and earned media efforts, let’s talk about how this merger can help bring more of your marketing and PR activities under one roof.
  • Can I still buy Union Metrics on its own? Yep! Union Metrics is still being sold as a standalone product, in addition to the integration we’re doing with the TrendKite Digital PR platform.
  • Will Union Metrics analytics be integrated into TrendKite or vice versa? Our product and dev teams have been working nonstop to integrate our products and things are coming together nicely. We’ll have a lot more information on how that will work over the next few weeks and months.
  • Are your prices changing? We have no immediate plans to change pricing, so you will keep paying what you are now, for whatever plan you’re current on. If you’re on an annual contract, you’re locked into that pricing for the duration of your contract. If you’re not on an annual contract, or your current contract is up for renewal, let’s talk now about locking those prices in for another year.
  • Do I get free TrendKite or Insightpool? We’ve got a number of options for current customers to get exclusive offers on a larger TrendKite package, so let’s talk about what that looks like for your business.
  • Are you closing? When are you going to disappear? Never! Or not for a long time, at least. This merger strengthens our combined offering in the market, and we think that means we’ll be around for a long, long time to come. In particular, we promise we’re going to keep tweeting, blogging, webinar-ing and office hours-ing for the foreseeable future.
  • How can I learn more about what this merger means for me? You can email your CSM or our support team to talk specifically about your account. If you want a demo of TrendKite, you can request one here. We’re also co-hosting a webinar about marketing and digital PR on July 24.
  • What about GDPR? We remain GDPR compliant.

Thank you for being a Union Metrics customer, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with TrendKite!