Whole Foods goes blank to save the bees

If you follow Whole Foods on Instagram, you might have been concerned recently that they got hacked. But the blank posts were intentional and they were meant to signal our dependence on bees for most of the produce we love and enjoy.

Whole Foods bees


They archived all of their old posts and posted only blank photos for a while, until they slowly followed bee-themed accounts (loosely, like Beyoncé and then slightly-more-obviously, Sting) and posted videos that appeared to be blank until bees and finally the produce we love, appeared.

Big brands like Whole Foods have an opportunity to really capture the attention of their audience with campaigns like this and it was obvious from the comments left on their posts wondering if they were hacked by Beyoncé fans or something more sinister. Instead they were sharing a message of corporate social responsibility; if they want to continue to share premium produce, they need to ensure that bees are around to help them out on a fundamental level.

That’s someone anyone interested in buying that produce should care about too.

All-in-all this was a very clever campaign that was fun to watch unfold.