What’s in the box? A really big marketing stunt

Chances are the biggest Amazon delivery you’ve ever received wasn’t a 40-foot long box with air holes, addressed to some dinosaur wranglers. Unless you’re Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, in which case you’re unveiling the contents of that box- which was delivered via Jeep Wrangler motorcade- today.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and Marketing Dive unpacks it well:

“The marketing stunt is interesting because of how it brings together several brands — Amazon, Jeep and Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World franchise — showing how the company can leverage its increasingly broad range of services to develop creative campaigns merging experiential marketing, voice assistants, video, e-commerce and social media. It is this kind of reach that is positioning Amazon as a quickly growing advertising platform.”

There’s a hashtag (#AmazonFindsAWay) where fans can learn more, a SmileCode on the box itself that anyone at The Grove mall in L.A. can scan with the Amazon app to access a video and discounted movie tickets, and even clues from Alexa who will play a multi-part game if you ask her what’s in the box, dinosaur sound-effects included.

This is the kind of big, impressive marketing stunt that’s only possible with the resources available to really big brands, but it also points to an important future of collaborative, creative marketing that can be tapped into at any scale.

*Dinosaur sound effects* 

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