The Week in Social #310

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On influencer marketing

You know the rule about reading a headline that’s a question and being able to automatically say “no”? Here’s the time where that’s not the case: Is scrutiny on influencer marketing compliance becoming more intense? Matt Raven breaks down some important points for SHIFT Comm’s blog, going beyond the regular FTC concerns to new employment law questions.

“In short, the way a company establishes and maintains influencer relationships can tip the scales between these designations. The more heavy-handed guidance marketers provide to influencers in the creation and execution of campaigns, the more likely they are to be considered an employee – thus requiring substantially different treatment.”

Meanwhile, Joshua Nite makes an important point in Beyond the Hype Cycle: It’s Time to Redefine Influencer Marketing for the Top Rank Marketing blog: If we want influencer marketing to be productive, we need to do a little redefining of what “influence” really means.


In summary:

“It starts with reconsidering just what influence means and who has it. Once you find your true influencers, it’s about developing relationships and building communities, rather than ever-more-expensive transactions. Finally, it requires making your measurement as sophisticated as it is for the rest of your marketing tactics.”

On everything else

Nick Hajdu makes a really good point in Social Media Today on Why ‘Always-On’ Doesn’t Cut It Anymore. Because “always on” quickly becomes overwhelming and suffocating:

“‘Always-there’ is a brand communications approach which involves creating content that’s of real relevance to your customers, adding value in some way to their lives, and then allowing those customers to naturally discover it and actively seek it out.

It then becomes desired content instead of interruptive messaging.”

If you’re looking to do more with your Instagram video, here are 15 Instagram Video Ideas That Will Give You a Creative Boost from Anton Eliasson for Business 2 Community. 

And finally, the data is in on whether you Should You Put Instagram Hashtags in the Caption, or in the Comments? from Nathan Mendenhall for SMT. A quick spoiler:

“Placing hashtags in the caption resulted in 18% better content performance metrics.”

The latest platform updates

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