Schwinn wins with a Stranger Things campaign

Schwinn may be a 120+ year old company that makes bikes, but they threw back to a more recent era with their Stranger Things-inspired campaign as Marketing Dive writes:

“The company released a print ad for ‘Mike’s Bike’ in the June 3 edition of The Chicago Tribune, which was styled to look like it was published in the decade known for MTV and big hair, per a press release. Schwinn also released an infomercial-type ad urging people to dial an 800 number and order the $379 bike — but only the first 500 callers could snag one. The infomercial was shared on Schwinn’s social media channels.

The bike itself pays homage to the one ridden by one of the show’s main characters, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), complete with retro high-rise handlebars, headlights and rear pegs for carrying passengers. It comes packaged in a special-edition “Stranger Things” collector’s box, and there are other Easter eggs from the show hidden on the bike. “

Sharing on social is the perfect accompaniment to this throwback campaign, stoking the nostalgia-marketing-loving Millennials, many of whom were born and grew up in the 80s when the commercial (and the show) are set.

As for the campaign’s success, they jumped in Instagram followers- who may or may not stick around after the close of the campaign and end of the chance to win the one bike they held back- but more importantly, sold out of the bike within a week.

The contest is a nice extra touch and something we recommended in our latest webinar that brands experiment with during the summer months.

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