PSA: Who will help these shirtless men? Fruit of the Loom.

Every 7.3 seconds a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt. Clearly, these men are afflicted by shirts that are falling apart before they can take a photo in them.

How are they getting so #ripped? So #shredded?

Fruit of the Loom asks these important questions- and of course offers a branded answer- in their new PSA-style campaign.

From The Current Daily:

“On an accompanying webpage – accessed via, the company explains: ‘For just the cost of a sandwich, you can help a man in need get his very own Fruit of the Loom Eversoft tee. Thanks to Dual Defense technology, Eversoft doesn’t just protect against odor and moisture, it defends against shirtlessness. Your generosity will keep a man from ever having to take a shirtless selfie again.’”

Clicking on the button takes you to the product page, because this is all just a clever redirect to their website instead of a separate microsite for the campaign.

If Fruit of the Loom wanted to take this a little further, they could tap into some influencers to create humorous posts with a similar tone, or even partner with a dating app to really spread their message where shirtless selfies run rampant.

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