Everything you need to know about matchmaking brands and influencers

Whether you’re a brand looking for influencers to work with or an influencer looking to work with brands, we cover everything you need to know about the matchmaking process between the two.

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If you’re a brand

Why are you working with an influencer, or with multiple influencers? Be sure you’re clear on what you hope this will gain your brand, either for the duration of a campaign or in a partnership over time with one influencer or a number of influencers.

Be sure you’re choosing an influencer who matches well with your brand voice, brand values, and of course your budget. For many brands it’s a smarter idea to work with a micro-influencer or even several micro-influencers; they’re easier on the budget and they have a deeper connection and higher engagement rate with their audience. Here’s more on how to find the right influencer for your brand.

It’s also smart for brands to cultivate an ongoing relationship with an influencer or influencers, rather than simply hire one bigger influencer for the duration of a campaign. Longer relationships mean both brand and influencer are more invested in the outcome of the partnership and wouldn’t be working together unless it’s a good fit for both and valuable to both their individual and combined audiences.

Finally, if it’s a specialized (or niche) influencer you’re looking for, you can read more here.

If you’re an influencer

It’s important for influencers to do their due diligence around brands too; you don’t want to work with a brand who will ultimately alienate your audience because the partnership or campaign comes across as inauthentic or is a bad fit in another way.

Have they run through too many influencers in recent months? Have you heard bad things about them not holding up their end of the deal in influencer partnerships before?

You have your own brand reputation and well-being to consider before just signing any old brand deal.

For both

The most important thing is that both brand and influencer are on the same page about campaign/partnership goals and how they’re going to be achieved and measured.

Which metrics will mean success? How many pieces of content will the influencer be expected to deliver and how much creative freedom do they have around them?

Both sides also need to be sure they’re up on the latest FTC and employment laws. You never want to be the one that’s made an example of.

And if you need help measuring the campaign or partnership once it’s all ironed out, let us know. We’re always happy to help!

Photo by Adam Jang on Unsplash