Everything is bigger in Jurassic World— even Doritos

The promotions around Jurassic World keep coming, and they keep getting more creative. After Amazon made their “biggest delivery ever”, Doritos is getting in on the Jurassic World marketing collaboration with an extensive, fun campaign that’s meant to be interactive.

It’s also perfectly absurd:

Fans can actually win (and. . .eat? collect?) the giant Dorito in question by tweeting #JurrassicDoritos and #entry at the brand handle.

What else? Marketing Dive breaks down the rest of the campaign:

“Fans can also bid on an auction for the chips, the largest Doritos has made to date, at JurassicDoritos.com through June 20. Proceeds will be donated to American Red Cross relief efforts in Hawaii, where many scenes from the film were shot. The one-foot chip, available in Nacho Cheese flavor, will ‘hatch’ from a dinosaur egg that’s shipped in ‘Jurassic World’ replica crates. . .Doritos is also adding ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ packaging to seven of its flavors and launching an interactive website to support the effort. Consumers can enter online codes found on classic bags of Doritos to explore Isla Nublar, the film’s fictional island setting, and rescue dinosaurs. Consumers can also enter to win prizes, including a trip to the real island of Costa Rica.”

That’s a lot of ways to participate in this campaign and engage with the brands involved in it, particularly Doritos. The element of corporate social responsibility- Red Cross donations- also highlights that growing trend among brands as consumers seem to demand more from brands than just slogans and products.

I, for one, would love to see foot-long Doritos as a snack option at showings of the film.

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