How different industries market themselves on Instagram

No matter how long you’ve been on Instagram or which industry you’re in, you can pick up some ideas from the examples in this post to freshen up your approach.

Let’s dive in!

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Macro shots

Lots of different industries go for macro shots to make their products or focus of their visual strategy really stand out: Food brands, fitness products, anything that will better pop in someone’s feed in an extreme close-up.

Garmin macro

This Garmin shot helps show off the waterproof functionality of their watches; an important feature for many runners, triathletes and those who just want a sporty, waterproof watch.

bobs red mill macro

Macro food shots allow brands to draw the viewer in and let them imagine the rest of the sensory experience Instagram is lacking (no smell-o-gram yet). Food photographers and stylists use this to show off the detail level of their skill.

The takeaway for any brand: Use macros to really emphasize attention to a specific detail you want to pull a viewer into as they scroll their feed.

Action shots

The fitness industry also obviously taps into action shots, but not always of the aspirational variety— they can be relatable inspiration too.

So the viewer goes, Hey, if she can do that, maybe I can too!, like in this post from activewear brand Day/Won.

yourdaywon action

Action isn’t just for fitness though; it’s a great way to show off how products work, how they move; to entice the viewer to pay attention.

buffbrew action

An obvious extension of this is using a video or a Boomerang instead of an action still.

The takeaway for any brand: If you want to provide an impression of movement in a still image, an action shot is a great way to focus on a specific moment in time related to your brand or product. Sometimes there’s something about a specific moment in a sequence that’s more compelling than a video. If the movement itself is more compelling than a still, consider Boomerang.

An experience

For some industries, it’s not as easy to come up with compelling visual content. What if you’re a financial services company, for example? A lot of banks and credit card companies take this approach, implying that if you trust them with your finances you’ll be able to experience all of the amazing things they’re showcasing on their feeds.

Amex experience

The takeaway for any brand: If you can’t come up with consistent, compelling content just by focusing on product shots, expand that to include the experience around your product and brand. What is it that you help make possible for your customers, fans and followers? How does that translate visually? Find ways to relate it back to your brand as well, as Amex does by including their card in beautiful vistas.

Other considerations

Just because everyone in your industry is doing things a certain way, that doesn’t mean you have to. Experiment to see what sticks with your specific audience.

And let us know if we can help you measure the results.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash