The Week in Social #304

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All about Facebook and Instagram

The best updates on the ever-mysterious Facebook News Feed come from the F8 Conference, and Andrew Hutchinson has gathered this year’s highlights for Social Media Today: How Facebook’s News Feed Works – and What’s Coming Next. Pair with 11 Highlights from Facebook’s 2018 F8 Conference from Larry Kim also for SMT and you can watch the full News Feed presentation here.

As for Instagram, here are 3 Tips for Taking the Perfect Instagram Photo from Carrie Kerpen for Likeable Media’s blog.

On influencer marketing

For years we’ve been talking about how brands have to “join the conversation” to reach their target audience, and to reach influencers who have a better hold on that target audience. But how many marketers actually do that? In A new approach to reaching influencers from David Hargreaves for SHIFT Comm’s blog, he explores what this actually means for marketers (spoiler alert: you need to combine earned, paid and owned media) and how the tide is finally turning:

“In my mind it means five things for B2B marketers as they look to leverage data to turn marketing from an art into a science.

  • The ‘coverage’ model is outdated. They key to influencing a conversation is to use the data to surgically target less than fifty people with a focused media plan.
  • Rethink the approach to paid media. Paid media used to lead the marketing plan, but today the model needs to be flipped on its head. Paid media should be used to distribute and surface earned, social and owned media in front of the right people at the right time.
  • Earned, owned and paid media need to live in a single plan. The days of separate programs across paid, earned and owned are over. They have to work hand in hand as part of a tightly targeted media plan designed to reach the people that matter.
  • Marketing budgets need to be fluid. Having fixed monthly earned, owned and paid media budgets makes no sense. Budgets need to be fluid so that money can flow between the different media types depending on the programs.
  • Data silos need to be dismantled. While this is a none trivial undertaking, applying data analytics across the PESO spectrum is the only way to both plan and measure the impact of our programs.”

If you like some hard data with your trends, you’ll want to check out Working with Micro-Influencers to Create Effective Brand Campaigns from Danica Kombol for PR Say, PRSA’s blog.

The latest platform updates

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