Are you ready to Cinco-cise?

Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday this year, and Jose Cuervo is taking advantage of this rarity to launch a campaign getting consumers ready for the big day with a routine of “Cinco-cising” with support from actor James Van Der Beek.

(And more, like an entire microsite dedicated to it.)

Meant to gently mock cult-following fitness trends of the moment that encapsulate an entire “wellness lifestyle” like Soul Cycle, Orange Theory or Crossfit, it hits the right notes with its humor and ridiculousness, emphasizing the need for endurance, hydration and nutrition if one is to make it through a full Saturday of Cinco-cising.

The choice of celebrity is also pitch perfect. Why Van Der Beek? Per Marketing Dive:

“Casting Van Der Beek fits into the satirical spirit of the campaign as well, as the actor has had a second career wind choosing funnier roles than his star-making turn on ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ In the sitcom ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,’ he played a smarmy, ego-centric fictionalized version of himself, and he currently stars on a show as a parodic, lunkheaded version of the popular DJ and music producer Diplo. Van Der Beek’s presence may also resonate with older millennial women who remember the ’90s hit ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ which recently had a cast member reunion for Entertainment Weekly’s March cover shoot, prompting buzz of a possible revival.”

It’s a perfect fit for the tone of the campaign based on his recent work while also tapping into the nostalgia marketing of the moment.

Cuervo isn’t letting anything go to waste in this campaign either, putting videos on YouTube and Instagram, and in tweets tagging Van Der Beek.

The microsite has a countdown and breaks the important focuses of the campaign into easily explorable categories. There is also, of course, a map to help you locate the Cuervo nearest you.

Stay hydrated out there, friends.

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