Life Needs Sports- and nostalgia- according to ESPN

Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, chances are you’ve heard of Steph Curry.

It’s a mark of the sport that he’s considered smaller at 6’3″- the average professional player is around 6’7″- and ESPN had some fun debuting their latest campaign around the idea of smaller guys being the ones currently playing some of the best ball.

The campaign is “Life Needs Sports” and AdAge breaks it down:

“[The] initiative articulates how the games we love can serve as a corrective to the dreary importunities of the quotidian. If life spills your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee down the front of your crisp, white dress shirt, sports gives you the singular spectacle of an absolutely filthy LeBron James dunk. If life is forever telling you that you’re too small to ball, sports would like to introduce you to a guy named Chris Paul.

The first spot in the new campaign, ‘Smaller,’ began appearing [recently] on its various Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook accounts. It features rapper Skee-Lo reprising his 1995 single ‘I Wish,’ only instead of yearning for a growth spurt as in the original (‘I wish I was six-foot-nine … I wish I was taller’), the new version recognizes how the NBA has been transformed by the dynamic play of more compact players like Curry and the Celtics’ Terry Rozier.”

It’s the perfect use of nostalgia marketing to highlight a current trend, and it’s a perfect fit for the fun of sports.

ESPN is also smartly repurposing the longer video in shorter clips, and remixing it across their social accounts (see Instagram here):

Going forward, ESPN plans to keep their campaigns “nimble”; responding to health of players and reacting to big moments as they happen.

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