Instagram quick tip: How to use the emoji slider

If you haven’t played with all of the different modes available in Instagram Stories- or you have a little but aren’t quite sure what to do with them for your brand- we wanted to break it down for you quickly and accessibly.

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What’s the emoji slider and where do I find it?

When you swipe left into your Story camera from your Instagram feed, you’ll be on the “normal” Story post-type by default. Here you can take a picture or record a video or swipe up to add a previously taken photo or video to your Story.

You can also use any of these other modes:

    • Type (we wrote about when to use this here)
    • Live: Broadcast a livestream to your followers on Instagram; can add to your Story for 24hrs. Can’t add to Stories highlights on your profile, however.
    • Normal: Upload pictures/video from the past 24hrs or before (those come with a date stamp but you can delete that by dragging it to the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen)
    • Boomerang (we wrote about when to use this here)
    • Superzoom (we wrote about how to use this here)
    • Rewind (we wrote about how to use this here)
    • Hands-Free (we wrote about how to use this here)
    • Stop-Motion (we wrote about how to use this here)

Once you’ve taken your photo or video, you can hit the Sticker at the top right corner of the screen- or swipe up from the bottom- to find all kinds of things to add to your Story post, including the new emoji slider!

Instagram did a quick tutorial, which broke it down into a few quick steps:

emoji slider 1
emoji slider 2


emoji slider 3
emoji slider 4

The results enable you to shame friends and colleagues if they don’t slide the scale all the way to the end when you ask if your new puppy is cute— or you can solicit feedback on new products or style/design around your brand. Have fun with it!

Instagram Stories is the perfect place for your brand to get creative and experiment while engaging your audience directly.

Want more?

We did a writeup that covers all of the Instagram features so far here. They have started officially rolling out sharing a Story-within-a-Story, too.

And if you’re interested in tracking your Story analytics, we can do that now!

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash