How do you inspire wonder around your brand? 3M gets scientific

When you think of 3M, you might think of tape or sticky notes. Or some other kind of basic supplies you have around the house. But 3M wants you to realize they’re so much more than that.

From Marketing Dive:

“In fact, Americans are typically never more than 10 feet away from a 3M product, according to the Minnesota-based company’s Chief Marketing Officer Paul Acito. ‘Most people don’t realize the extent to which 3M appears in their day-to-day life. 3M science is all around us,’ Acito told Marketing Dive. ‘On your way to work today, you very likely used or saw a number of things 3M has touched. If you drove a car, if you used a mobile phone, if you saw a road sign or pavement marking or license plate — we were there.’”

And they want you to wonder what more there could be in the future— which is why that’s the aim of their new campaign.

3M wants science to seem more accessible and not just something only someone who’s a genius can have a career in; all it takes is a sense of wonder and a dedication to problem solving.

They’re smartly spreading this message across social, too.

In an era with decreasing science literacy, it’s an important subject to tackle. Here’s hoping this campaign can spark at least a little wonder in its audience.

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