The best fruit for your new Phillips juicer is from an old painting

The trend is local, organic fruit for your juicer, right?

What about fruit that’s several hundred years old and also part of a still life painting?

All the details on this clever campaign, from AdAge:

“Philips engineered a fun stunt at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum recently as part of a campaign to promote its juicers, highlighting the role fruits and vegetables play in our lives.

It surprised unsuspecting visitors to the famous art museum (who, we’re assured, had been told that there was filming going on, but nothing else) by ‘removing’ fruit and vegetables from three famous Dutch Master paintings: ‘Still Life with Flowers and Fruit,’ by Jan van Huysum, Anthony Oberman’s ‘Still Life with Fruit in a Terracotta Dish’ and Floris Claesz van Dijck’s ‘Still Life with Cheese.’ Visitors saw versions of the paintings with fruit removed and also witnessed a museum attendant ‘removing’ an apple from a painting and putting it into a juicer. Their reactions were filmed for a social film of the stunt.

The premise behind the campaign, by Ogilvy Amsterdam, is as people don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet–85 percent of Europeans don’t get enough apparently — they also tend to ignore fruit and vegetables in still life paintings. Yet you miss them when they are not there.”

Quite the treat to be able to enjoy a fresh juice inside of a famous museum, too.

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