Union Metrics Instagram analytics updates

In response to the recent Instagram API changes Facebook just announced, we’ll be making a set of updates to our Instagram profile Trackers. As we add new or update existing functionality, which we’re doing daily right now, we’ll post the latest information here.

All Union Metrics Instagram account Trackers need to be connected to an Instagram business profile associated with an active Facebook connection. If you haven’t yet, please edit your Trackers with Facebook connections to collect new data. In addition, all Instagram hashtag Trackers have stopped collecting new data.

This is a dynamic situation, and we’re adding new functionality as quickly as we can. As we do that, we’d love to hear from you about what you think. What do you need from Instagram analytics in this new world? How can we improve our product to help you? Next week, we’ll be holding a set of focus group discussions on that subject. More soon.

In the meantime, if you missed it, be sure to watch our webinar on the Instagram data changes and what social marketers need to know.

April 20: We’ve added a ton of new functionality to our mentions reports. They now include data on the number of mentions and mentioners over time, information on the hashtags and emoji used in those mentions, and insight into who your top mentioners are. You can now understand not just where and how often your account is being mentioned across Instagram, but what those mentions are about.

April 11: If you haven’t yet, please update your existing Instagram account Trackers to be sure you’re not missing any new data. We’ve created a new migration guide to help you figure out the state of your Instagram Trackers. Click on the gear icon in your account, select Account Settings, the go to the Instagram Migration page. This will list all of your Instagram account Trackers, their current status and help you update the Trackers that need updating.

April 10: We’ve added two early mentions reports to Instagram Trackers! You can now begin monitoring mentions in post captions, as well as in comments. We’ll be adding to and polishing these new reports over the next few weeks. Have any feedback on how we can make them more useful for you? Please let us know!

April 9: Get a larger view of tagged media in the new photo tags report. If you click on a post’s thumbnail, you’ll now see a larger version of the photo to help you take a closer look (this is useful because Instagram no longer includes a permalink to the original post itself).

April 6: Photo tags! We’ve added an early version of a new photo tags report to Instagram profile Trackers.  As of today, we’re collecting data on both photo tags and mentions of your Instagram accounts. The first iteration of this comes in the photo tags report, now available in Trackers. You can see what media your account has recently been tagged in.

Union Metrics Instagram photo tags

April 3: All profile Trackers now need to be tied to an Instagram business profile so we can talk to the Graph API. You’ll need to connect your Instagram account Trackers to a Facebook page associated with an Instagram business profile to continue to collect new data.

All updated Instagram Trackers now include story engagement, true reach and impressions, follower demographics, comments analysis and sentiment, and advanced engagement reporting. They no longer include PII in data exports or the UI, and we’ve removed the geo report. Finally, we no longer support public hashtag or profile analysis on Instagram. Full info on the initial announcement here.