Why you should spring clean your social branding + how to do it

While we’re in the season of rebirth and renewal, why not apply some of it to our social branding? It doesn’t have to be an all-consuming undertaking either; get as in-depth with it as you want to or have the resources for.

It’s always a good idea to check in on some of the areas of your social branding that might have gotten overlooked in regular end-of-the-year planning and beginning-of-the-year launches, especially the important strategy pieces behind your brand.

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First, ask: What could use a refresh?

Which aspects of your branding and social strategy should you check in on and refresh?


  • Check in on all the basics: Your bios, cover images and more across your social profiles (get a detailed breakdown in this piece from Social Media Today)
  • Visual content marketing: Who is responsible for this? What tools do they use? Is your branding cohesive across platforms? Could it use a refresh?
  • Social listening strategy: This is especially important with the recent Instagram API changes. What should you tweak? (Here’s a good writeup on the TrendKite blog)
  • Brand voice: Has your tone shifted over time? Do you need to update any branding guides your team has? (If your brand doesn’t have any, write them up so they’re official and be sure everyone can access them)
  • Crisis communication plan: The least fun and most necessary of plans to always have up-to-date (Use our ultimate guide to get started here)

Make a plan

Decide how deep you’ll go into each section of your spring clean, who will be responsible for which parts, and set some deadlines to hold yourselves accountable.

The areas above don’t cover everything if you want to really dig into your brand’s strategy. We wrote up a more in-depth checklist last year:

spring clean checklist

You can download the full guide that goes with it here.