Marathon Monday is coming and it’s going to be full of personalized video

The Boston Marathon is an iconic event, and not just for runners. Marathon Monday is celebrated by runners the world over.

This year Adidas is celebrating each and every Boston Marathon runner- and its 30-year partnership with the Boston Athletic Association- by creating a personalized video for every single one of them.

That’s 30,000 videos.

Marketing Dive breaks down how it’s going to work:

“The videos will be made from data generated from the radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips attached to race bibs and street mats that transmit ultra-high frequency radio signals through antennas. Adidas partnered with the digital agency Grow, which will use seven cameras and a 20-person crew to capture the footage from around the course. Individual footage will be taken at the 15K mark and at the finish line.”

The videos are set to be available hours after the finish, for the ultimate social media running bragging rights. How?

“To allow for the quick turnaround of the videos, Adidas conducted test runs at other races, storyboarded and prototyped prescriptive camera angles, and shot lists and sound effects to limit excess footage and the need for extensive editing, per The Drum.”

This is a hugely ambitious personalization campaign, and if they pull it off with a minimum of technical glitches they should reap the highly sharable rewards. Runners are known, after all, for wanting to share their running accomplishments, often to the exasperation of loved ones.

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