KFC’s Extra Crispy Colonel: A sandwich and a man

KFC has a new sandwich out, and its release required the revival of its Colonel of the same name: The Extra Crispy Colonel.

This Colonel is played by renowned, very tan actor George Hamilton.

Hamilton is most likely not well-known to the younger demographic KFC is attempting to appeal to with its on-the-go crispy sandwiches (Instagram with the other hand!), but this campaign works on various other levels: You can still get the joke just by looking at Hamilton’s complexion, it’s an extension of the multiple-Colonels KFC keeps employing for its campaigns, and the style of this particular video even riffs on the popular Old Spice campaigns with its absurdity and rapid camera movement.

So how is all of this working out for the fast food chain? Marketing Dive reports:

“Sanders returning to the center of KFC’s branding strategy in 2015 has translated to business success as well. The restaurant chain saw better than expected sales growth last year, with a 4% overall sales growth for Q3 2017, per Reuters. In December, KFC also brought in Andrea Zahumensky, a veteran of Procter & Gamble, as CMO, and it will be interesting watch how the brand’s marketing strategy continues to evolve this year under her stewardship.”

This isn’t Hamilton’s first appearance for KFC either; two years ago he was selling their Extra Crispy Sunscreen (yes really). It appears as an Easter egg in this spot, giving KFC fans of the brand something fun to recognize.

Overall this is everything a fast food brand needs in a campaign: Light and funny with just enough absurdity to stand out. And that seems to be working for them.

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