Instagram quick tip: Aesthetic vs. readability

That coveted Instagram #aesthetic: When your posts and Stories are Instantly recognizable because of the style you’ve cultivated on the platform over time. Color palette, fonts, framing and more are all part of the consideration. It’s visual branding at its finest.

But sometimes it’s really hard to read.

hard to read Insta

Keep your audience in mind when you’re designing your Instagram posts: You can pinch and zoom in on regular posts, but not on Stories. You can “pause” a Story by holding down on the screen with a finger to read a more text-heavy post, and sometimes that reminder to your audience is all they need. But if you make the text too small even the youngest and freshest of eyes might not be able to read it.

The above Story post is from an account with over 10k followers, so they have the option to swipe up directly to the external link related to this post. However if a follower gets frustrated being unable to read the tiny print on the Story post itself, they might not bother.

So today’s Instagram quick tip is: Remember that the majority of your audience will be on their mobile device and the screens aren’t very big.

Don’t sacrifice readability for your aesthetic, unless maybe you’re an eye-health related brand trying to make a point about vision.

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

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