The Week in Social #294

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On video marketing

Don’t know how to put a face to your brand? See How a Winery Crushed Its Content Marketing With Video from Marcia Riefer Johnston for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog. A quick tip to try for your brand?

“Lisa suggests filming people doing work they have to do anyway. That’s an efficient way to create interesting footage without requiring people to take much time away from their jobs.

‘Turn your everyday work into content,’ Lisa says. ‘People on camera don’t even have to talk a lot. Make a montage with text overlays. A lot of us watch videos on silent anyhow.’”

If your video marketing questions are more basic- for example, who is watching all of this video that’s being made?- then you’ll want to check out Five Big Questions About Online Video Answered by 24 Statistics from Tom Pick for the V3B blog.

On everything else

The FTC is cracking down on social media marketing— and here’s Why Tougher FTC Regulations are a Good Thing for Social Media Marketing from Kristen Matthews for Social Media Today.

Remember when Twitter raised the character limit? Christopher Penn looks at who’s using the new limit in Revisiting Twitter’s 280-character limit: What’s working today, which dives into some interesting stats around different industries and more.

Since-280-characters on Twitter

If your brand has been dragging its feet on testing out Instagram Stories (remember, what you post here can be much less formal that what goes on your permanent feed) you’ll want to see these 9 ways Instagram Stories can help your business from Alina Gorbatch for the Awario blog.

Not sure how long your blog posts should be? Three Guidelines to Help You Determine Ideal Blog Post Length from Greg Mischio for Spin Sucks

Finally, Only 4% of marketers are taking dark social seriously as Nikki Gilliland breaks down for the Econsultancy blog. Are you one of them?

The latest platform updates

Every week we keep tabs on the latest platform updates and share the ones we think are most relevant to our audience.

This week it’s:

And this week’s bonus read: Twitter Health Metrics Proposal Submission.

Thank you, as always, for reading and we’ll see you next week!

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