How to keep up with algorithm changes and more

We get it; it’s frustrating. You’re just getting the hang of things for your brand on a particular social platform and BOOM, they go and change the algorithm. And maybe you only kind of understand what that means.

But algorithms don’t have to be intimidating! They’re just a way for information to be organized, weighted and presented to the consumers of that information.

So we’re breaking down the different ways you can keep up with how those formulas are created and changed.

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Go straight to the source

Every platform has at least one blog where they share their latest product updates and other information. Twitter has a developer blog and an engineering blog.

These are good places to get some in-depth information on new API changes and explanations for how the algorithm works.

Facebook also has an engineering blog, and it’s always worth paying attention to Zuckerberg’s posts for hints on what Facebook is focusing on and therefore what elements might be weighted more heavily in their News Feed algorithm.

Facebook owns Instagram, but they still have an engineering blog of their own too.

Find your favorite translators

If direct-from-the-source is too complicated or time-consuming for you to parse, you can always identify some reliable sources to get a breakdown of any changes from.

Social Media Today always writes good explainers, and we also write about the changes we think will be most relevant to our audience both in our Week in Social updates and in dedicated blog posts:

We’re also currently working on a series around video marketing and the various platform algorithms- Facebook is already up- so keep an eye out for those.

Bottom line? Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be; a basic understanding of which elements you need to pay attention to is all most marketers need to know and for that you can bookmark your favorite resources to stay up-to-date.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash