Instagram quick tip: Rewind

If you haven’t played with all of the different modes available in Instagram Stories- or you have a little but aren’t quite sure what to do with them for your brand- we wanted to break it down for you quickly and accessibly. With that in mind, here’s an Instagram quick tip on how the “Rewind” mode in Instagram Stories works and a few ideas for how your brand can use it.

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What is Rewind and how do I find it?

When you swipe left into your Story camera from your Instagram feed, you’ll see Rewind as one of the available modes listed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Type (we wrote about when to use this here)
  • Live
  • Normal
  • Boomerang (we wrote about when to use this here)
  • Superzoom (we wrote about how to use this here)
  • Rewind
  • Hands-Free (we wrote about how to use this here)
  • Stop-Motion (we wrote about how to use this here)

Selecting Rewind lets you film something that will be played back in reverse motion, making something that might be mundane- filling a cup of coffee for example- a little more dynamic and interesting.

What do Rewind posts look like?

Here’s a screenshot of the Rewind video you can see in our Stories Highlights on our profile:

Ig stories rewind

And as with any setting in Stories, you can create something to save to your phone and repurpose elsewhere even if you don’t want to save it as part of your Story. Simply click the “Save” arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can also save a video you filmed in Rewind, upload it to your Story and then add it to Highlights if you want it to stick around past the 24 hour expiration. (Read about how some brands are using Stories Highlights here.)

What can I use Rewind Stories for?

Anything you’re filming that might benefit from a slightly different format you can try using Rewind. Coffee companies can have backwards cups of coffee, and the same goes for smoothies, cocktails and more.

Really highlight a demo or part of a demo for your products by showing it again in reverse.

It’s also a fun way to capture any kind of movement and add variety to a longer Story.

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