How to decide on your brand’s visual content marketing for Instagram

An “Instagram aesthetic” is important to many Instagram users, from those with personal design taste to influencers and big brands who want to be easily identifiable to their fans and followers.

So if you don’t have an established, purposeful aesthetic- the same thing as visual content marketing, largely- how do you create one?

We’re glad you asked, because that’s exactly what this post aims to cover.

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Do you have an established visual branding guide for your brand?

Time to answer the important question first: Does your established branding including visual branding? If so, how long has it been since your team looked it over or refreshed it?

Do all teams know which parts of it they’re responsible for?

If you don’t have one, it’s a good time to sit down with your designer and/or the appropriate team to discuss what your brand needs in the way of an established aesthetic, even if it’s just loose guidelines.

If your brand has a designer and a social media manager, they should work together to establish and refine your brand’s look, with frequent checkins with the marketing team on how your visual marketing can work with future campaigns and projects. If you haven’t filled those roles yet, consider that this is an important part of hiring for them.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you’re a smaller team with fewer resources, you might look over your Instagram account and see that you’ve managed to accidentally create an aesthetic over time. How can you further refine it? What should you edit out, or try adding in?

It’s okay to test some things and refine over time; you probably don’t want to do anything too jarring though.

You could even consider asking some of your most trusted brand advocates what they think, or partner with an influencer who has a complimentary style to learn some tips.

Write up an official guideline

Whatever state your visual branding is in, it’s time to make sure you have some written guidelines. Be sure each department and team knows what they’re responsible for and where to find these guidelines.

Decide how often you’ll revisit and refresh these guidelines.

Keep testing and paying attention to audience feedback

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, look at which posts of yours have performed the best over time. What visual elements do they have in common? Does this match your visual branding on other platforms, or is it radically different?

Instagram can have its own standalone aesthetic, it’s just smart to make purposeful decisions around why that is and how it ties into the rest of your brand.

For most brands it’s important to be easily recognized by fans and followers.

Ultimately, you need a measurement system in place to see how posts perform over time and to help you make those visual branding decisions as part of your overall social media marketing strategy.

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