The Week in Social #292

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On influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is everywhere but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing it well. Shane Barker covers The Most Common Tips and Mistakes of Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Spin Sucks.

Not all influencers are alike, either. Here’s a great breakdown of Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers by Georgia Hatton for Social Media Today.

And here’s Why Disclosure Is Essential When It Comes to Influencer Marketing, from eMarketer.

“Marketers and influencers that don’t disclose put themselves at risk for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) scrutiny and consumer backlash, both of which are rising.”

influencer disclosure

On authenticity and everything else

Dan Curran shares The Sensitive Marketer’s Guide to Brand Authenticity for Convince & Convert. People want to do business with brands they trust. They’re not expecting perfection, but they are expecting honesty and transparency.

If your brand has more video marketing slated for 2018, you definitely want to take the time to read Good Videos aren’t Cheap and Cheap Videos aren’t Good from the Topline blog.

Finally, brands beware the temptation of automating your likes, comments, and/or follows on Instagram. Evan LePage writes I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To) for the HootSuite blog. An important follow up to how awkward these services can be is that the APIs they’re built on are getting shut down later this year. (We shared a SHIFT Comms piece a few weeks ago that covers this well.)

The latest platform updates

Every week we try to keep you updated on the latest most relevant changes from our favorite social platforms.

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