The Week in Social #291

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On all things algorithms

First things first: Michael Altiero asks What do the Latest Social Media Algorithm Updates Mean for Small Businesses? in Social Media Today.

“The algorithms do mean, however, that small business marketers need to update and adapt their social media content strategies to play into these recent updates. Incorporating a healthy mix of on-site and off-site content will be crucial to maximizing the ROI from social media in 2018 and beyond.”

The bottom line is that brands don’t need to panic, but they should embrace the opportunity to create more engaging content and connect with their audiences.

A good reminder along the same lines comes from Corina Manea for Spin SucksSocial Media is About Engagement, Not Scheduling. You can’t fake it, by scheduling and trying to “game” algorithms. You have genuinely interact with your audience.

Meanwhile Jeff Yonata covers The Types Of Social Media Video Content You Need To Spark Engagement On Each Major Platform for Jeff Bullas’s blog, according to algorithm updates.

Finally, a very important read from Econsultancy’s blog by Patricio RoblesThe fake follower economy is beginning to crumble. It will crumble faster as platforms shut down the APIs these shady services are built on; Instagram is doing just that this summer.

On crisis comms

Finally, succinct and evergreen advice from  Gini Dietrich in Five Valuable Lessons from the Crock-Pot Crisis:

“Don’t play catch-up. Have a plan.

Know which audiences you’ll have to communicate with, including employees, and how you’ll reach them.”

The latest platform updates

Each week we keep an eye on platform changes and share the most relevant ones with our readers. This week:

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