This Valentine’s Day, one store encouraged shoppers to #LoveBetter

We all know the Valentine classics: Candy hearts, wine, chocolates, maybe a cuddly teddy bear and a balloon or two. We also know the romantic stories we love, with partners so devoted they cannot be apart and partners who push each other to be their very best selves.

But when does that devotion, or that drive, go too far? It’s not something we ever really discuss around the holiday of romance.

One popup store in New York City aimed to change that conversation by displaying altered versions of the classic Valentine’s Day gifts.

From Adweek:

“’We saw Valentine’s Day as an important opportunity to raise awareness because it is a time when young couples cover up potentially unhealthy relationship behaviors with gifts,’ Anastasia Garcia, content director at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, which developed the initiative, tells AdFreak. ‘We chose to create a disguised Valentine’s Day gift store to challenge young couples to think twice about the unhealthy behaviors we normalize all year long.’

She adds, ‘We intended to create a fully immersive experience for young couples to explore these items at their own pace. We designed the store to be welcoming, educational and safe. The experience was facilitated by One Love ambassadors to encourage questions and discussion, and provide local resources for those affected, if needed.’”

The messaging used on the display items was taken directly from community members own experiences to keep it as real as possible and spark conversations among the store’s visitors; aiming to communicate that “love is a skill that we can all work on”.

This is a difficult and important conversation to be having, and #LoveBetter is helping it happen both in real life and across social.

That’s a powerful campaign.

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