The ultimate guide to hashtags: Updated

The hashtag has become a pervasive part of modern life, ruining cello classes and bringing us together across social media platforms alike.

Periodically use of hashtags shifts- and therefore so do best practices- so we do our best to keep our readers updated. With that in mind, we’re sharing all of our best hashtag advice with you here today in this blog post.

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Hashtag history and what’s current

We’ve been using hashtags for over a decade to organize information, break news, track campaigns across platforms and even land the punchline to some jokes.

Some practices have become tried and true; for example, using more than one or two hashtags on Twitter is still considered spammy and Facebook still sees comparatively little use of hashtags. Meanwhile on Instagram, hashtags continue to be the key to discovery- now you can even follow them!- and LinkedIn has reinstated the use of hashtags after several years of not supporting them.

It can be a lot to keep up with, so we rounded up resources for deeper reading on the areas most applicable to your brand, industry, and strategy below.

Hashtag resources

We’ve written extensively about hashtags over the years, so you can take what you need from the following:

For Facebook, you can check out their own best practices.

There’s not a lot of great information on using hashtags on LinkedIn, so the best thing to do is run a few small tests of your own. When in doubt, always do a little experimenting and measure your results!

Which reminds us. . .

Measure your own

If you want to keep tabs on how your own favorite or branded hashtags are doing, you can always run a free Twitter snapshot report, check out our newer Twitter Assistant, or even run a free Instagram account checkup below.

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